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jesus would slap the shit out of you.

shaina, the metaphysical outlaw
6 August 1988
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we're all fate's bitch.

sit back, matter of fact. teasing toying turning chatting charming hissing
playing the crowd
play that song again, another cup of klonopin. a nod, a glance, a half-hearted bow.
oh such grace. oh such beauty. and lipstick & callous. and fishnets & malice.

darlin', there are a million ways to be cruel.

my name is shaina.
we got a message from the action man
he said, "i'm happy, i hope you're happy too."

I'm 22. I have unusually low self-esteem but am incredibly self-absorbed. I'm a junkie on sabbatical. I don't care how you feel about this. I discovered I was pregnant earlier this year and am due sometime at the end of January 2011. Her name will be Laurelai. How this works itself out is anyone's guess.

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